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This is your go to place for any questions you might have while using our service. Click the small indicators next to the questions for an answer yo your question. Still have questions? Feel free to reach out, we’re happy to help!

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Nightly Email

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SMS Alerts

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Our group chat is an exclusive feature for you to engage with other subscribers and our team in realtime. Here you can share findings about stocks, ask questions and more.

  • Group: This is a general chat open for anything from service questions, stock questions, discussions on potential market direction and more
  • Core Positions: This is a channel for postings and asking questions about core positions. You can show others your findings or thoughts on these stocks, bring other stocks to peoples attention and see if they agree with your thesis
  • Day & Swing Trades: This is the most active section of our chat. Here members post questions, findings and general day to day things such as stimulus developments or stocks and options which they are trading that day

Our nightly trade report gets sent out between the hours of 5-8PM EST. You can expect 4-6 researched stocks, a market update, and economic reports to watch for the upcoming trading sessions. This nightly report will arrive automatically in your email inbox you provide us when you signup. If you don’t see the email, you can access it on the website under the tab titled “Nightly Email.” Please contact us if you experience any issues or have any questions!

We offer a WhatsApp group for our international members. This provides the same alerts and information as our US members get but is delivered via WhatsApp as opposed to our US system. Please provide us with your username and number and we will add you into the system. If you come across any issues or questions, please contact us.

If you are experiencing this issue, please contact us and we will make sure your access is working properly. To expedite the process, email us with: Username or email and your number if you are experiencing SMS issues. You can do so by contacting us here

To consolidate and keep the email fresh, we often bump some stocks off of the email onto our trade updates. You can find them by clicking here. This will also include our outlook on previous SMS trades etc. 

*emailing us to cancel your subscription will not cancel your subscription, we ask that you follow the process below and do so through your profile.

You can manage your subscription under your profile. Here you will find the option to pause or cancel your subscription. We just ask that you provide some feedback if your willing to help us improve!

*Please note that prices may rise when you choose to return to our service. Existing subscribers keep their old pricing if their subscription remains active

We are always standing by and happy to help. You can ask questions about anything or provide feedback by contacting us. You can also ask questions and engage with other community members in the group chat.

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