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Last Updated on May 2, 2019 by Kevin Douglass

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MS Money Moves
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 by Brian S.
If You Want to Be Successful Investing in Biotech!

I'm so happy I found MS money moves. Until finding this service I had written off investing in biotech. Just too volatile and difficult to understand what is going on behind the scenes with a vast amount of companies. I've only been in the service less than a month and all their core and swing/day trades are doing amazingly well. Not only do they have deep knowledge of the companies they are recommending, they understand when events are coming up which will affect the stock price in a positive way. Otherwise, in addition to being risky, investing in biotech can be a waiting forever kind of thing. In less than a month and 1 core stock is up 50%, another a second is up 30%. I've made multiple successful swing and day trades by following their guidance and text alerts. It's important to remember they allocate most of the portfolio to core positions and only 1-10% on swing/day trades. If you ever wondered how to find that biotech stock (or many of them) that knocks it out of the park this is the service for you!

 by Michael L.
6 stars if possible

I was a complete stock noob; I knew nothing about stocks before using MS Money Moves. It’s been about 4 months, and I still don’t know all that much BUT my initial investment has TRIPLED.

That’s the beauty of it, you don’t really need to know anything about stocks, just follow the daily picks, buy when they say buy, sell when they say sell, and hold when they say hold.

Sultan has always been there to answer questions and put me on the right track. He’s a great help and the amount of dedication and work he puts in on the articles and reports.. honestly mind-blowing. I follow him on social media, and see him meeting with CEOs of the companies he’s recommending is just one example of how far he’ll go to get the best inside information.

Bottom line, sign up and be patient. It’s a tiny fee for the returns you’ll be seeing.

 by Sam Tauer
Clear and simple!

Upon joining I didn’t know what to expect. I thought maybe I’ll make a few extra bucks and learn something. I started reading the articles and asking for advice from Sultan and before I knew it I was making some serious profits! I just follow what the articles say, ask questions when they arise and I keep taking profits!

 by MS SD
Shake your money make!

When I first got into investments with my inexperience I have lost 90% of my capitol. I was discouraged from investing for 3-6months. I then met Mr. MS himself. From then on I have regained what I have lost and then some. This is a great supplement to anyone level of trading experience. The cost is really an investment.

 by Cali_Kicker

I came into the stock market with very little knowledge and experience. Under the guidance of MS Money Moves, I was able to make my first investment (ADMA) AND, I made gains! I appreciate that the MS crew puts out articles that we "newbies" can understand and utilize. I look forward to making future "MS Money Moves"!

 by Anonymous
MS Insight Made One Financial Adviser a 5 Fig Return On GALT

Great call MS Money Moves! The COO Sultan Beardsley is a dear friend of mine. When we first met he was just a budding investor.

Sultan's article "From an Investors Perspective" prompted me to buy GALT in May, 2018. I sold at +$9.0 the next month!

 by Diogo
MS Money Moves is Simple and Effective

hi guys, i like your blog. Have good size of dvax and admp. Simple and effective analysis. I will purchase soon OMER (completely oversold, due to bad understanding of debt conversion ) and VKTX for fantastic mid trial data

 by StnMtn
MS's ACRX Swing Call Made me $$$

@MS_Money_Moves FYI. sold ACRX Now at 4.9. Tired of the rollercoaster ride and FUD. Good luck. Glad your recs in ACRX turned out good. It did not have the pop like I was hoping for (only 20% gain on approval). Not sure what will happen next week, but I locked in my gains. No regrets now. Take care.

 by Anonymous

@MS_Money_Moves Wow, I missed the boat on Stxs. You guys really nailed that one.

 by Steadydoesit
Your STXS Investment Thesis Was on Point!

@MS_Money_Moves You were right on the money with stxs with a really solid        earnings report that came out today. I do expect a small dip after 3 days of gains and am looking for an entry point. You picked out a winner.

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