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SMS Trades

Here you will find our strategy with SMS alerts and a table tracking previous alerts. If you are subscribed and not receiving alerts, please contact us. For international users we utilize as WhatsApp group. 

*SMS trades are high risk. As a result we like to only use 1-5% of our portfolios on these trades as to limit risk. All alerts are intended to serve as initial research to help you expedite your research process. All price targets, risk and time frame estimates are estimates based on data, but are not an exact science. Stocks may not go to plan, it is important to be aware of those risks before entering a trade. When a stock goes down through the support we list, we generally cut our positions and reassess the trade. Sometimes we like to lock in profits even if a stock is below the price target.

SMS Alert Tracker

MS Money Move and its Chief Operating Officer who is a scientist and individual investor, as well as its affiliates are not registered financial advisors. Our posts should serve as educational material to help you conduct due diligence research. Posts and articles are not directives or recommendations to invest in any security. We reserve the right to buy or sell any security for ourselves without any notification except when required by law. We are not responsible for the action of our affiliates. Investment theses may change due to the variable nature of the securities market. Because of this there is great risk when investing in stocks and options which can result is capital loss. Additionally, past performance by MS Money Moves or any security is not a predictor of future performance. Everyone should conduct their own research and due diligence before making an investment decision. We recommend you consult a financial advisor regarding any investment action.

The biotech sector is especially volatile. Stock prices may fluctuate substantially based on material or nonmaterial developments. We encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with clinical trial processes, relevant terminology, FDA/SEC rules and regulations, and the general processes of drug & therapy development/approval. Always do independent research in a security prior to investing.

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