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Core Updates

Click the above buttons for quick acces. Allocation meter: (lowest) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (highest) GRTS has received a 6 following the recent halving of the companies value on what we conclude to be compelling data and validation of the companies platform

*We are concentrating funds on GRTS given recent market conditions and remain confident in the future ahead of the company

  • Core positions are stocks that we feel have the most favorable risk-reward profile. We concentrate our capital in these companies and hold for 1 year+ depending on the evolving landscape. We provide updated research reports as the investment progresses, be sure to stay tuned for the new reports. We like to trade the ranges from time to time to protect profits and avoid bag holding. 

Trading stocks is risky. Part or all of an investment may be lost. Our daily “Trade Insights” emails are meant to give you ideas for swing and day trades but do not serve as investment advice. We recommend users conduct their own independent research before making investment decisions and consult with a financial advisor.
Price targets, risk estimates and all other assumptions outlined in all of our content housed in our website, emails and SMS alerts are estimates designed to help you with your research efforts and are not exact predictions. These are not to be perceived as investment advice, independent research should always be conducted and consulting with a registered financial advisor is traditionally good practice. We may trade some of these companies based on the thesis outlined by the existing data, but are not compensated by these companies in any form. 

For a full copy of our disclaimer please click here to read

We like to consider taking profits on stocks we are up on and buying puts/using a stop loss to mitigate risk, this is not advice but merely our personal strategy in many of the trades we execute.

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