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Growcentia appoints co-founder Dr. Richard Conant as new chairman and member of board of directors

Last Updated on August 30, 2022 by GlobeNewsWire

LOVELAND, Colo., Aug. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Growcentia(R), a Colorado-based biological agtech company producing microbial and natural soil and plant health solutions, announced today that its co-founder and department head of the Ecosystem Science and Sustainability department at Colorado State University, Dr. Richard Conant, was elected as chairman of the board of directors at the company’s second quarter board meeting.

“As chairman of Growcentia, I will guide and apply our innovative research into how specific combinations of microbes work symbiotically with soil nutrients to produce healthier plants, benefiting horticulturalists and agriculturalists worldwide,” said Conant. “I am privileged and honored to take on this role during a critical time for our planet. Growers need to improve plant health and yields while minimizing the environmental impacts of agriculture — and our solutions ultimately support healthy, vigorous plant growth.”

Conant, who has an undergraduate degree in environmental biology and a doctorate in botany, has worked at CSU for nearly 25 years. Having spent his career researching the relationship between human activities and ecosystem biogeochemistry, Conant is known worldwide for his knowledge of soil health and has published over 100 scientific contributions, which have been cited more than 16,000 times. He has since leveraged his experience in fostering the development and production of higher-quality and more sustainable food for more people worldwide to co-found Growcentia.

Founded by three Ph.D. soil microbiologists from CSU, Growcentia applies advanced science to deliver biological soil health solutions for growers of all types. The company’s Mammoth(R) and Mammoth Garden(R) product lines elevate the quality of agricultural production by harnessing nature’s power to reduce or eliminate dependencies on conventional fertilizers, chemicals and synthetics.

Growcentia recently opened its new headquarters in Loveland, Colorado. The 30,000-square-foot facility features a research and development laboratory, two microbiological fermentation manufacturing bays, a blending manufacturing bay, an indoor plant trial and experimentation station, and office space to serve its national and international customers and partners.

“Richard has been an integral part of the establishment and continued growth of Growcentia over the past seven years, leading our efforts to reduce synthetics and chemicals from the plant growth process and harness the power of natural solutions,” said Scott Wiley, CEO of Growcentia. “He has successfully led research to enhance our technology, which helps growers cultivate healthier crops and produce more nutritious food while regenerating soil health. At Growcentia, we change the way the world grows by reducing the reliance upon conventional fertilizers and minimizing the environmental and ecological impacts of farming. I am confident that Richard will continue to push the organization’s science- and tech-based innovation.”

Conant is replacing another Growcentia co-founder, Dr. Matthew Wallenstein, as chairman. Wallenstein has stepped down from his role at Growcentia and is now the chief soil scientist at Syngenta Group.

For more information about Growcentia, please visit www.growcentia.com.

About Growcentia(R)

Growcentia is a Colorado-based biological agtech company known for producing plant and soil health solutions that use advanced science and technology to unleash the power of nature. Founded by three Ph.D. soil microbiologists from Colorado State University who share a passion for enhancing soil and crop health and promoting sustainable agriculture, Growcentia is a leading provider of biological alternatives aimed at helping cultivators enrich plant health. The company’s family of products includes organic nutrient enhancers and natural pesticides that are changing the way the world grows. For more information about how Growcentia empowers growers to harness the power of nature, visit growcentia.com.


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