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Bullish Shark

Last Updated on September 4, 2019 by Kevin Douglass

The featured image above shows Leap Therapeutics on the one-day chart.


Press PLAY on the interactive chart below to watch Leap Therapeutics’ instant replay!!

Bullish Shark by follow_the_money on TradingView.com


About Leap Therapeutics

Leap Therapeutics (Nasdaq: LPTX) is focused on developing targeted and immuno-oncology therapeutics. Leap’s most advanced clinical candidate, DKN-01, is a humanized monoclonal antibody (MAb) targeting the Dickkopf-1 (DKK1) protein, a Wnt pathway modulator. DKN-01 is in clinical trials in patients with esophagogastric, hepatobiliary, gynecologic, and prostate cancers. Leap’s second clinical candidate, TRX518, is a humanized GITR agonist monoclonal antibody designed to enhance the immune system’s anti-tumor response that is in advanced solid tumor studies. For more information about Leap Therapeutics, visit http://www.leaptx.com.

Alignment with Key Dates

Leap Therapeutics (NASDAQ: LTPX), looking to FLY-high. Harmonic shark patterns leave more room for high-volatility trades and make for high reward scenario’s when traded correctly.

As of today (09-04-2019), 84,220 of the 261,828 shares traded where short. This is equivalent to a sizable 32.17% short percent.

The technical’s are now aligning with some key dates with a potential short squeeze on its way (assuming good data).


  • $LPTX is trading at the lower end of the long-term trading range.
  • Nice Daily average volume for low-float stock.
  • RSI pushing up fast.
  • MacD Divergence.
  • Bullish harmonic shark pattern, look for profit taking and/ or chances to add at the 382 and 50 retracement levels to ride up to the top of the range ($2.12).
  • Not only does this trade have massive upside potential for a swing trade, it is also showing confluence with Fibonacci time-cycles, fib-retracement and trend.

Tip of the day: Learning how to be disciplined is vital to trading volatility. Follow our trading team for ideas on how to stay more disciplined in high volatility opportunities.

Follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @VolatilityWatch for more awesome charts and trade ideas. Thanks in advance d=)

Disclosure: I have no position in $LPTX. I may buy or sell in the next 72 hours. This is not a note to buy or sell. Please do your homework before investing.

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