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Tech Trade Ideas Watchlist 8/27

Last Updated on August 27, 2019 by Zion Miller

After a tumultuous close to the previous trading week, we found success leveraging puts on our selected plays which you may have seen. Plays such as Apple, tanked roughly -4.5% after our research suggested puts may be lucrative in the upcoming trading days. Since this, several evolvements have taken place to shift investors focus. Trump was said to have reported talks with China in regards to trade tensions were to take place, causing the markets to rally (1.05% on the Dow, 1.32% on the Nasdaq etc). While this news was well received, investors appear to remain weary of progress due to the almost cyclical nature of these trade wars and Twitter drama. This week is sure to see volatility continue, let’s capture that with some well placed trades!

TSLA – Watching *small rebound after last weeks beating. Currently at 618 retracement with next support at $207.86 if $211 doesn’t hold. If $207 breaks, $190s look possible.

NFLX – Calls *RBC maintained an outperform with $450 PT. May benefit from this continued recovery from last weeks blow to the larger exchanges.

AMZN – Watching *Watching $1770, potential bearish play as S&D Strength Flow suggests. Potential bearish play to $1710 in accordance with S&D, will largely be dependent on resolution of trade questions.

BABA – Calls *Potential upward trend observed on 3 month chart. Looking for recovery from last weeks downside.

AAPL – Calls *Looking for continued recovery. Weekly option activity appears to show a significant volume of traders trapped in the 210 range before last weeks pullback. Watching for a push to the 211-212 range off of positive trade news.

AMD – Calls *Strong close and rebound at roughly 3% end of day. High volume on $32 calls, looking for continuation and bread attainment on calls.

CRM – Watching *Watching for it to hold $155. S&D Strength Trend suggests $160 possible short term. Insider (CEO) was reported to have sold shares today, this may momentarily damage price

DIS – Calls *Excitement around launch of Disney+ in November. Received buy rating from Tigress financial. Looking for push to $140s and acceleration from good trade news etc to prop the larger exchanges up.

Upcoming ER’s To Watch

  • 27th
    • MOMO – reporting before bell expecting 0.57 eps . VEEVE – reporting after bell. ADSK – reporting after bell
  • 28th
    • NTNX – reporting after bell . BOX – reporting after bell. MEIP – reporting after bell
  • 29th
    • AMBA – reporting after bell . ULTA – reporting after bell. WDAY – reporting after bell.
  • 30th
    • SRNE – reporting before bell. NOVN – reporting before bell. DCTCH – reporting before bell.

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Just because a company is listed higher on the email does not necessarily mean its a better stock to trade.

* Our daily “Trade Ideas” emails are meant to give you ideas for swing and day trades. Returns we aim for are in the mid-single-digit to the double-digit range. Price targets (PT) are short-term in nature (i.e. a few days to a few weeks). Don’t be afraid to sell before the PT is hit if you are up on the position. Price targets are estimates, not an exact science.

Always take profits, let’s get it!!!

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