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How To Trade #Election2020

Last Updated on July 3, 2019 by Sultan Beardsley

What Do Square, Twitter, and Bitcoin have in common.

In this video, I look over Twitter chart and talk about some of the current market trends (i.e. libra coin) and how #SQ and #Twtr could be better investments.

If your reading this, I want you to know trading is not all about gains. Trading is mostly about mitigating risk, staying patient and waiting for patterns to play out that you feel comfortable with. It’s ok to take a loss, people who say otherwise (that they only win) are misinforming you.

As a bonus, I want to give you food for thought… To begin, it is imperitive that you have a prior game plan when opening a trade, you can move elsewhere or go short instead of long. Ride the trend =) It is not logical to only play the market one way (let me only give you half a car. WTF?? LOL) Message me for further details. I would love to make more informative videos and teach.

Like an old Facebook post said “One in ten people have a problem right now, if you read this and don’t share to ten other people, you will continue having bad problems too.”

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Disclosure: I am long TWTR. This is not a not to buy or sell. Please do your homework before investing.

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