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The Benefits of Investing Your Money

Last Updated on January 15, 2019 by Lucien Dale

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When people have money either sitting in their bank account or pocket, it actually begins to damage the economy. The best thing you can do for your money is to begin investing it into a mutual fund or 401k. This begins to earn an aggregate rate of appreciation on your money.

Compounding is effectively the best way to earn interest on your money. If you were to invest your money in a mutual fund earning around 12% annually, with a principal investment of $2,500, and made an annual addition of $500, after 10 years you could have grown that account to $17,591.91.IMG_9825.gif

Mutual funds offer a simple way to invest and compound your money. Once you’ve opened an account, you can comfortably sit back and watch it grow while adding a couple hundred dollars annually. Mutual funds also have fairly mitigated risk so you can pretty much count on getting a uniform return every year. If you want to invest with low risk and a decent return of compound over a couple years, then mutual funds offer a great solution for you.

Investing your money does not necessarily mean that you have to put it all on the line. There are many options and different ways you can invest to earn money on your income with low risk.


MS Money Move and it’s Chief Operating Officer who is a scientist and individual investor, as well as its affiliates are not registered financial advisors. Our posts should serve as educational material to help you conduct due diligence research. Posts and articles are not directives or recommendations to invest in any security. We reserve the right to buy or sell any security for ourselves without any notification except when required by law. We are not responsible for the action of our affiliates. Investment theses may change due to the variable nature of the securities market. Because of this there is great risk when investing in stocks and options which can result is capital loss. Additionally, past performance by MS Money Moves or any security is not a predictor of future performance. Everyone should conduct their own research and due diligence before making an investment decision. We recommend you consult a financial advisor regarding any investment action.   

The biotech sector is especially volatile. Stock prices may fluctuate substantially based on material or nonmaterial developments. We encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with clinical trial processes, relevant terminology, FDA/SEC rules and regulations, and the general processes of drug & therapy development/approval. Always do independent research in a security prior to investing.

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