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Last Updated on January 15, 2019 by Sultan Beardsley

Patriot One Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: PTOF)

PTOF is a Canadian company specialized in developing radar based technologies and systems for detecting concealed weapons preemptively combating public threats and domestic terrorism.  What makes them unique is the cognitive ability of their tech to assess threats in addition to detecting guns and knives. This means the system is trained before installment and continues to learn increasing in effectiveness with each screen.

PTOF’s weapons detection technology depiction


In the wake of the recent tragedies like the vegas shooter and countless school shootings products like this increasingly have a place in society. There stock is currently trading at $1.34 per share. If they succeed at winning over the plethora of potential public and private customers in the U.S and Canada and their tech becomes proven at preventing acts of terror they would become extremely profitable.

To learn more here is a link to a company presentation


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